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Hello & COVID

Talking head gif-animation

This online portfolio is "work in process" and part of my html coding trials. So fun.

Design Language


I enrolled for The Language of Design: Form and Meaning design course to improve my skills in visual communications. I love learning and thinking new ways even most basic elements.

Dev and UI

Front-end UI dev

I'm also participating in UI Design course. I can recall user-centerd design principles, human perception and along the way, update my front-end html coding skills for this website.

Concept Art

Concept Art

Knowledge is power but intuition is fun! I been composing montages and experimenting with unusual compositions and concepts. No computers, just glossy magazines to cut in pieces.


I have been redesigning and updating websites due Covid-19 and running browser performance audits to optimize site performances.

hand action
Justia.fiJustia website
WorldKidsSchool.comWorld Kids School website
BlueWaterTacoGrill.comBlue Water Taco Grill website


UI for Web App - Lockstep HQ

←Slider. Tools: Figma, Fullstory, Zeplin, Adobe CS, Whimsical. 2018-2019

I was solo UI/Web Designer in Seattle fintech startup, building an email based accounting web app. I planned and designed feature flows, app prototypes, interface patterns and launched the Lockstep website.

Invoices in emails? Accounting email address is the way companies exchange invoice and payment information as well as resolve inquiries, disputes, and reconciliation. Lockstep is a collaborative workspace that gives accounting teams one place to connect with vendors and customers.

Most requested action by accountants was automated approval workflow. I created task flow charts and collaborated with stakeholders for shared vision. As a result the Approval become one-click request using approval template and automated data retrieval making the process of approvals trackable and easier for accountants.



Visual Communications

Visual Id: Kabobs Plus Food Trailer

Kabobs Plus food trailer will serve authentic punjabi food inspired by family recipes from Lahore, Pakistan. Kabobs, currys and pakoras are full of flavor and bursting with exotic spices. Inspiration: Basant is a large annual kite festival that celebrates the coming of spring in Lahore. People celebrate by flying beautifully colored kites. There are many local fairs where friends and family meet and have delicious things to eat.

Tools: Adobe CS. Illustrator. 2019

Marketing Collateral: FareStart.org

I worked with the marketing and communications team to rollout new brand refresh in 2017. I incorporated their new visual identity system into new templates to promote their programs and businesses. I created set of posters to greet customers with a strong mission statement and introduce them to their new fresh visual identity with new colors, fonts and layouts.

Tools: Adobe CS. InDesign. Powerpoint. 2017, 2020
Kabobs Plus loogo for food trailer Large menu board in Community Table Printed large banners for Rise cafe


UX Design @Amazon Web Services

Tools: Sketch, Axure. Jan 2016 – May 2017

Senior UX Designer for Alexa-device installation and management web app. The console provides tools to set up Alexa devices, enroll users, and configure skills across those devices. Work involved cross-team collaboration, ideation, white boarding, wireframing, interactive prototyping in Axure, user research study and delivering final design elements and patterns.

Room concept AWS Console Sitemap

Testing prototypes in User Research Study

I created interactive Axure-prototypes to share with the team and validate product with REAL users in a User Research Study. I participated in study to get insights on user needs, expectations and reveal areas that needed improvement.

One of the challenges, was educating first-time users how to interact with the product and explain common features. After analyzing the study, we added a useful and clear onboarding intro and improved visual hierarchy for intented audience. Product launched as Alexa For Business in November 2017.

Tipbit - Mobile iOS7 App

Tools: Adobe CS, InVision. April 2014 – December 2015

UX/UI Designer for native iOS productivity app, that combined email, calendar and social profiles with powerful contextual search.

Wireflow to Discover Interactions

My first task was to create better flow and navigation between various app features. I started by creating low-fidelity boxes, that I often scribbled on paper during team's daily stand-ups. Then I gradually went into more detailed versions and combined wireframes with user interactions. Along the process, I created a iOS pattern library in Illustrator so I could quickly create work flows to share and test. I created online prototypes in InVision to test interaction with the team.

Tipbit Navigation Tipbit Wireflow

Tipbit - Useful Navigation and Email Filters

The first version of Tipbit only had a side drawer navigation forcing users to go back and forth from mail to contacts to calendar. I placed a segmented control on the top bar, allowing users to instantly switch to different parts of the app. Our existing users liked that we kept many existing buttons in bottom bar as is, which was easily reachable with thumbs.

One of my desires was to refine Tipbit’s email filtering interface. I wanted offer users some predefined options to find emails faster and invite them to explore this unique feature. To define relevant filters, I collected user behavior data from the Localytics app. I also explored modal overlay to show filters as visual action buttons.

Tipbit Wireflow Tipbit Email Filters


Lockstep website 2019 Lockstep HQ

Visual identity, Web App UI and website for accounting startup. I created website in wordpress with customized Avada theme and designed blog post graphics.

Tipbit Mobile 2016 Tipbit Mobile UI

UI and Visual Designer for native iOS productivity app, that combined email, calendar and social profiles with powerful contextual search.

Overheard App 2015 Overheard App

Visual concept and UI design for sound capturing iOS mobile app @ Aro, Inc.

Expedia website 2013 Expedia, Inc

Redesign of Expedia Inc. website with dynamic news and stock price feeds. Live until 2018.

Care Innovation Website 2013 Care Innovations

Contract Designer creating storyboards for T-Mobile retail kiosk interfaces and the website for Care Innovations brand campaign @ GLG

Picardo Android App concept 2013 Picardo Android App

Mobile app concept aimed to learn user behavior and present relevant nearby information accordingly @ Aro, Inc

 Bubbleator Win8 App 2012 Bubbleator Win App

Visual product concepts and wireframes for Windows 8 “Live Wallpaper” application @ Aro, Inc.

Blooms, garden simulator 2012 Blooms Sim Win8 App

I won 2nd prize in a design contest with my garden simulator app, organized by Microsoft and Ratio Interactive for the launch of Windows 8.

Shilshole Visual Identity 2011 Shilshole Consulting

Visual identity and isometric data management illustrations for Shilshole Consulting.

Travels to Edge website 2007 Travels to the Edge

Website design for “Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe” 13-episode TV series @ Lux

Disney Store graphic design 2004 Disney Store Merc

Franchise product and graphic design: toys, cards, clothing and other in‐store merchandise. London UK.

M2 Interactive TV 1999 M2 / MTV Europe

Interactive TV website for MTV's first digital channel using video streaming technology. Website had Create‐your‐hour section to program TV feed.

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